New Lisa McR hot tub in Manitoba

Lisa McR hot tub in Manitoba

I purchased an Arctic Fox in 2016 and I love it.  The smaller size is perfect for me and I enjoy the different seating options it offers. When I
was contemplating buying a hot tub several people said to me that I would hardly use it in the winter and they are so wrong.

I use it more in the winter than the summer! There is nothing better than sitting in your hot tub on a sunny winter day under the blue sky surrounded by snow (although starry nights are great too). It feels rather decadent.

Kind of like having a mini-vacation to the tropics without having to leave home. Admittedly, with the extremely cold, windy days we’ve been having this winter, I haven’t used it as much lately, but the moment the wind dies down, I’m out there every chance I get.

I’d highly recommend the folks at Arctic Spa.

They were great and answered all my questions.

Great customer service!